Winter Chess

2 WinterChess rapid series

Tournament Type
Blitz tournament open to all players who have federate license, results will be included in the FIDE blitz ELO.

Game system
There will be 13 rounds in the rhythm of 3 min + 2 s increment for each move.

Tournament Venue
The tournament will take place into aparthotel Iberostar Royal Cristina in Playa de Palma.

 January 19th  2014.


Ronda 1 16:00  
Ronda 2 16:15  
Ronda 3 16:30  
Ronda 4 16:45  
Ronda 5 17:00  
Ronda 6 17:15  
Ronda 7 17:30  
Ronda 8 17:45  
Ronda 9 18:00  
Ronda 10 18:15  
Ronda 11 18:30  
Ronda 12 18:45  
Ronda 13 19:00  

You can register by email, at, or telephone at +34  667 246 104 up to one day before the tournament.
The registration fees is 20€ for all players, and 10€ for young (under 14 years)

Data protection:
The participants of this tournament authorise the use of their personal information in the media that the organization considers to be appropriate for the necessary promotion of the event (results, classifications, participants, photographs, items, etc.).
By registering in the tournament the players accept the above rules.

For all other details not included in the above rules, the tournament will follow the FIDE rules.