Winter Chess

WinterChess IRT, Trofeo Whala Beach

Gaming system:
Close tournament with 10 players , with rhythm game of 90 minutes + 30 seconds, valid to obtain FBE norms.

R1: Monday, may 19th at 20:30 hours
R2: Tuesday, may 20th at 10:00 hours
R3: Tuesday, may 20th at 20:30 hours
R4: Wednesday, may 21th at 20:30 hours
R5: Thursday, may 22th at 10:30 hours
R6: Thursday, may 23th at 10:00 hours
R7: Friday, may 24th at 20:30 hours
R8: Saturday, may 29th at 20:30 hours
R9: Sunday, may 30th at 10:00 hours

Can play all the interested players who are in active in the FIDE list.

Data protection:
The participants in the tournaent authorize the publication of his personal information in the different mass media that the organization considers to be opportune for the necessary diffusion of the event (lists of results, classifications, participants, photographies, items, etc.)

For all other details not included into this rules, the tournamaent will be accordinf the FIDE rules.

The inscription in the tournament involves the acceptance of the present rules.