Winter Chess


WinterChess Junio, Trofeo Sa Goleta 2013

Game System
Close tournamaent with 10 players, a rhythm 90 '+30'', being the tournament valid for obtaining MI norms and therefore for FIDE elo computing.

R1: Monday, June 24th 17:30.
R2: Tuesday, June 25th 17:30.
R3: Wednesday, June 26th 10:00.
R4: Wednesday, June 26th 17:30.
R5: Thursday, June 27th 17:30.
R6: Friday, June 28th 10:00.
R7: Friday, June 289th 17:30.
R8: Saturday, June 29th 17:30.
R9: Sunday, June 30th 10:00

They can take part in this tournament any player that has fide code is active, preferably having players in possession of the titles MF, WMF, WMI or WGM.

The cost of inscripón which includes accommodation in a double room for 6 nights half board is 450

For additional nights the cost is 45 per night in double and half board.

The individual room has a supplement of 12

The price for family and friends is 45 per night in double and half board.

For any clarification you can contact to or phone +34 667 246 104

Privacy Policy
Participants in the tournament authorize the publication of their personal data in the various media that the organization considers desirable for the necessary publicity of the event (listings results, standings, players, games, photos, etc..)

For all matters not provided in these rules shall govern the tournament FIDE regulations.

The tournament fee implies acceptance of these rules.