Winter Chess

3er Open Blitz por equipos de paises

Type of Tournament
Open international fro teams with 6 rounds, Swiss system, elo computable FEDA and FIDE.

 More 500€ in cash prizes, please check the prize section to know all the details.

 Saturday 20th of May, from 11:00h

Round Day Time
1 Saturday 20th 11:00
2 Saturday 20th 11:20
3 Saturday 20th 11:40
4 Saturday 20th 12:00
5 Saturday 20th 12:20
6 Saturday 20th 12:40

System Play
The games will be played at the rate of 3 minutes for the whole game + 2 seconds increment per move from move one.

The tournament will be held at Club Nautico Arenal.

Every team must be provide a name and list of players, where is requirement that all players have the same flag in FIDE list.

The matx is played with 3 boards, but the teams can have all the players that need.

The teams give to organization a list of players, where can be sort with the team want, it's not  necessary punt in order of ranking. But after give the list must be the same for all the tournament.

€ 20 for all teams

The registration fee must be paid before start the first round

The organization has achieved special prices for players and guests that require it, see hotel section for details.

For any questions please get in touch tel. +34 667 246 104 or email

Privacy Policy
Participants in the tournament authorize the publication of their personal data in the various media that the organization considers desirable for the necessary publicity of the event (listings results, standings, players, games, etc..)

Any matter not provided for in these rules shall govern the tournament FIDE regulations.

The tournament fee implies acceptance of these rules.

The arbitration board will be available to participants complaint forms